Doncaster Alcohol Services has been supporting Doncaster for over 35 years!

Why we exist

Did you know there are over 45,000 people in Doncaster drinking at a level which is harmful to their health, and many more who are close to it! 

Our vision is that every individual in Doncaster has the awareness, skills and confidence to make effective choices about their usage of alcohol and other drugs.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of people achieve that, through a number of different projects and interventions - you can read more about our history here.

How we do what we do

Our work has 3 core strands; prevent, treat and recover

  • Prevention is all the work we do on raising awareness, supporting young people and reducing social isolation
  • Treatment is the work we do supporting people to engage with mainstream treatment, providing counselling and holistic therapies through The Healing Light
  • Recover is the work we do with families, the community and our work in Sober Social

This is just a summary of our full strategy for 2019-2022 - you can read the whole thing here.

What we do

Take a look at our projects to find out more detail about our services. Below is a brief summary of just some of the projects we run!