Our Staff

Callum Dixon 

Callum has been working with DAS as the Chief Executive Officer since March 2018. Prior to that he has held a number of senior positions in voluntary sector organisations and in higher education institutions. 

As CEO, Callum is ultimately responsible to the Board of Trustees for ensuring the quality running of the organisation and all its services. 

Outside of work Callum runs a consultancy firm for other charities, focusing on HR, strategy and service design. Callum is also a Trustee for a large charity in Sheffield. 

In his spare time Callum enjoys playing and watching tennis, reading, playing video games and travelling. 

Sally Hickson-Clark 

Sally has worked for DAS for 12 years, in a variety of roles. Now, Sally's main responsibilities are Adult Services, including Sober Social and our Counselling Service. Sally is responsible for our volunteer provision and is a friendly face to welcome anyone into our service.

Sally is also our Safeguarding Lead and ensures that we adhere to best practice. 

Outside of work, Sally enjoys spending time with her family and her dog (who sometimes makes an appearance at work!). Sally enjoys cooking and entertaining and has a vibrant social circle. 

Emily Barr

Emily has recently graduated from university and is joining DAS in the role of Projects and Operations Manager through her placement with the Charityworks Graduate Scheme. Within her role, she'll be working to help DAS grow and expand our services over the course of the next year. 

Before joining DAS, Emily led a student-run social enterprise which supported her local homeless shelter and she's really excited to be working for a community focused initiative again. 

In her spare time Emily enjoys cooking, going to the gym, reading and playing with her dog, Rupert! 

Callum Wootton 

Callum has been with DAS since July 2019, he joined after volunteering with us through his former role as a charity lead with M&S, he loved it that much he never left!

Callum’s main responsibilities lay with making sure the timetable is action packed and overseeing Sober Social sessions, volunteers and beneficiaries. When you come into Sober Social, expect to see Callum welcoming you through the door.

Outside of work Callum loves to play sports, his favourite being football where he plays with Thorne Colliery on Saturday afternoons. He also loves travelling, playing video games and spending time with his 3 dogs!

Raquel Anne 

Raquel has been working for DAS since spring 2019 and has been part of the organisation for many years, initially as a client which then led to Raquel accessing the volunteer opportunities that DAS has to offer. 

Raquel's main responsibilities are within Sober Social, supporting our beneficiaries and providing them with an action-packed timetable to become involved with each week. 

Outside of work, Raquel maintains a busy lifestyle which involves coffees and meals with many friends, spending time with her family, going to the gym and her ultimate love which is collecting and watching movies. 


Now for one of the most important parts of Doncaster Alcohol Services, our volunteers! Sober Social wouldn't run without them. 

Our volunteers include 


Paul W. 

Paul H. 

Neil M. 







Neil F. 




And our volunteer counsellors Sammy and Emily.