Eat Well Wednesdays is a new project, funded by Children in Need. 

The project is a series of six weekly sessions teaching families how to cook and is facilitated through our Facebook page. All of the menus are replicable at home and are designed to be as cost effective as possible. 

The dates for the 2020/21 sessions are here.

All sessions are held at 16:30 on our Facebook page with an ingredients list made available a few days before. You can also find the ingredients and videos for each week below (click to enlarge).

You can find a poster to download and share below.

If you would like to join the group or want to refer someone, please use our referral form here.

For referral agencies 

The project is designed as an early intervention for families who are facing some challenges. That might be domestic violence, substance misuse, mental health or changes in physical health. 

By working at the earliest stage, we are able to reduce the risk of the family relationship breaking down and ensure that the family can stay together.

We also work with families that are trying to recover from a challenging time and can work through this project to help them rebuild their communication skills.

The aims of the project are;

  • To enable effective familial conversation
  • Identify and resolve problems
  • Teach essential life skills like cooking, communication and planning 

Recipes and Videos