If you're a local business, or even a national business (!), looking to support a Doncaster charity then, look no further!

We work hard to improve the aspirations and confidence of people in Doncaster thereby enabling them to give back to their local community and ultimately invest back into the local economy, so it's in your best interests to support us! 

The sorts of things you might like to think about;

  • Corporate Volunteering - giving a few hours of your time or your staff's time to a local cause such as ourselves has proven wellbeing and productivity benefits 

  • Donate - you could select us as your Charity of the Year or just offer a one-off donation for a piece of equipment, a service or anything else

  • Partnerships - we deliver workplace wellbeing work and can offer counselling to your staff on a partnership basis, as a small local charity we can offer very competitive rates 

  • Sponsorships - we are happy to display your logo or materials in our premises (so long as they meet our ethical standards!) in exchange for financial support 

If any of this sounds interesting to you, get in touch and ask to speak to our CEO - 01302 360090.