National Conversation Week (NCW) takes place next week from the 16th - 20th March this year, and it is all about talking finances. This is because talking about money is almost as taboo as talking about politics. It turns out that nearly 40% of 1,000 people surveyed admitted that finance worries them more than anything else in their lives does. Unfortunately, only half these people said they would actually seek professional advice. NCW have partnered with Defaqto this year because they want to change the fact that people aren’t discussing finances. They also want to help people boost their financial knowledge, understand the difference between products and how different comparison tools work to plug the financial knowledge gap.

It is very easy to get involved with NCW 2020 and there are multiple things you can do:

  • Share their image to show everyone you’re supporting NCW.
  • Follow @NatConvWeek on Twitter and share how talking about your finances has helped you. You never know, you might inspire others!
  • Share your experiences talking about finances, your favourite person to talk to them about and the best piece of financial advice you’ve ever received.
  • If you’re a parent, why not tell your children the basics now so they’re better prepared for the future.
  • If you’re a teacher, focus on the importance of talking about finances in lessons.
  • Check out their new free downloadable guide at the link below, it contains top tips and what to expect at every stage of your financial life:…/00193_NCW-lifes…

Here at Doncaster Alcohol Services one of our volunteers, Paul, is trained in financial management. If you ever feel like you want to have a word with him about anything finance related, you can find him at Sober Social on a Tuesday and Friday.