We’re sorry to announce that 17th March 2020 will be the last day of Sober Social being open; this will be until the lockdown is lifted when we will review the situation and provide an update.

This difficult decision has been made following Government guidelines on the COVID- 19 virus and with the health of our beneficiaries at the forefront of our mind, as we believe our space is an ideal ground for the virus to spread, should one of our beneficiaries contract the virus. We find proactive action to be the best move right now to protect those who use the service.

The staff at Sober Social will be working from home and with this we will provide alternative methods of support for our beneficiaries. That will include:

  • A new interactive Facebook page that beneficiaries, volunteers and staff will be able to communicate and support each other on - join here;
  • Our regular Facebook messenger will be available for 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri
  • Our number will also be available 9am -5pm, Mon – Fri. - 01302 360090
  • Interactive sessions via Facebook live and various posts (Quiz, Karaoke and other well-loved sessions)

We really urge you to be interactive with us and with each other. We will be trying our hardest to keep you engaged during this time, so please stay in contact with us.